Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tree of Happiness Meme

Andrea and Meg tagged me a while ago for the Tree of Happiness meme and I finally have a chance to sit down and do it. Basically, I must list 6 things that make me happy. Here we go:

1. My 2 adorable nieces. Although I don't get to see them everyday, they are just the most precious things ever. There's nothing better than walking into my sister's house and getting the biggest, unconditional hug from my oldest niece. And the little one, she is just a pudge of giggling love. Ok, I admit it, I'm in baby withdrawal at the moment and only 2 more weeks before I get to see them again.

2. My family. I am fortunate to have a functional family that gets along and enjoys each others company. My sister is my best friend. Not everyone can say that. I am also fortunate to be 36 (yes, I am still 36 and holding onto that number as long as I can) and not only is my grandmother still alive, but she kicks everyone's butt on the golf course when she goes out and plays with the ladies.

3. My friends. Although not all here in Philly, I have made amazing friends over the years. (I'm not including pictures b/c, well, there's just too many too add)

4. Marathons. I may have taken a break from them for a bit b/c, well, 6 half marathons in 1 year can take a toll on you, but I still love them. So far I've done 2 fulls and countless halves. My marathon buddy may have moved to Toronto, but it looks like she is twisting my arm to do another, possibly in Palm Beach in Dec.

5. My new bike. Yay! Since I've been riding a lot lately, this has been a huge source of bliss lately. Not only does my bike fit me, but I can go so much faster.

6. Knitting. I've always loved creating things. In high school, my parents realized that and used that as a way to get me motivated and into college. Although I drifted away from my art management major into environmental issues, I have still always loved art. Over the years, I've done pottery, stained glass, needlepoint, beadwork, etc. I have now moved onto knitting and have enjoyed making some great things for my nieces, friends, and myself. Who knows how long this will last, since I would love to get back into stained glass when I have a bigger space, but for now, this makes me happy. Also, this ties into #4 b/c I've met a great bunch of ladies thru my new craft.

So, there you have it!


kt said...

AAAAAWWWWWW! I almost cried reading that. I like this post a lot :-)

Mariss said...

Very sweet about your nieces (totally adorable!) and your family. That is great that your Grandma is still around and sounds like a cool lady :)

I'm happy for your bike too! Ha ha ha.