Sunday, September 21, 2008

A great way to officially end summer

Sunday was officially the last day of summer. Makes sense b/c the days are getting cooler, but not really. It was in the 80s on Sunday.

So, to finish off the season, I met up with a friend from my trip to South America and headed to the Jersey Shore. Well, that is, we headed down after I had woken up at 5am to man the water stop for the Philadelphia Distance Run (PDR). I've done PDR the past few years, but w/ "training" for this century in less than 2 weeks, PDR was out of the question this year. Too bad, b/c it was a gorgeous day.
We headed down to Island Beach State Park, which is just south of Seaside (aka Sleez-side) Heights. It was a gorgeous day and there were tons of people out. If you've never been, I highly recommend this beach. It costs $5 to get in (off season) and has big beautiful beaches, and clean facilities for changing and bathrooms.

There was one umbrella that kept catching my eye. It was neon pink and just stood out from the pack. I'd love to tweak this picture to remove the people and change it to black and white, but leave only the pink in it.

By 4 or so, it was getting a little cool so we packed it up and drove up to the boardwalk to see if there was a place to sit and grab a drink in the sun. Nope. The boardwalk was just as cheesy as I remembered it. Fried food and arcade games. No decent places to sit and eat.

My friend was a huge softball player back in the day, so she had to play one of the throwing games before we left. She kept hitting her target, but couldn't get all 3 blocks off the table. It's ok. The prize was this HUGE bear that her 300+ square foot studio couldn't accommodate anyway.

All in all a fun day.

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