Sunday, September 14, 2008

Attack of the killer swans!

So yesterday, while I'm out on my ride, I stopped at a picnic bench on West River Drive to stretch and eat a clementine. Before I have a chance to lift up my leg and stretch my hamstrings, these 2 swans practically ran over to me, begging for food.

The above picture was taken after they had given up and realized I wasn't going to give them any food. They were literally in my face going waaaaah, waaaaah. It really was sad how they have become so used to us feeding them. Hence the signs --- Don't feed the animals!

While I was eating my clementine, they were so determined to find food that one began pecking at my bike, trying to find any hints of food on the chain, the spokes, the seat post, the clips, etc. Unbelievable.

Before I left, I got this one last parting shot on my cell phone. I really wish I had it out quick enough to capture the begging on video. It really was unbelievable.

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Lisa said...

mmmmm, I don't know much about swans, but a family friend has geese as guard animals. Boy are they nasty, agressive and loud!