Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Purchase

Last weekend, I went out in search of an upgrade for my TV. I came home, having purchased a 37" LCD HDTV. Yesterday, I went and picked up and with the help of Lisa, managed to bring it up to my apartment and put it together.

Mind you, I thought it would be easy to just reconnect the cables and turn the TV on, which is what I thought my brother-in-law did when we put his TV together. Guess not. Seems I'm missing something. I think I have to call Comcast and actually get some sort of HD service added to my bill, even though my DVR box is already HD-ready. I swear, why can't electronics be simple?????

The back of the TV has so many color-coded options, but it seems that I don't have the right "color" cables for optimum HD-viewing. Looks like I need the red, green and purple (I think those are the colors) cables and my box never came w/ it and the TV only came w/ the damn plug. Sigh. I'll deal with it later, once I've had breakfast and gone out for a RIDE.

Here are some quick pictures I took last night:

I can't believe how big it is in my unit. Can't wait until I figure it out!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Go Steelers!!!!!!

'Twas the Night Before the Super Bowl

'Twas the night before the Super Bowl, when along the gulf shore,
Steelers fans were praying for "just one more;"

The players were nestled all snug in the sack,
With visions of the first NFL Six-Pack;

Coach Tomlin was young, but wise for his years,
So I drifted off to sleep without any fears;

When at the stadium there arose some strange chatter,
The Cardinals feared, what was the matter;

We heard "Okel Dokel", we heard "Double Yoi,"
We jumped from our beds, our hearts jumped for joy;

He stood at the fifty with a grin ear to ear,
Steelers fans everywhere started to cheer;

Then in an instant to our surprise,

This little old man had tears in his eyes;

He went to the booth and there took his chair,
While Terrible Towels waved in the air;

Then over the airwaves came his shrill voice,
The Steelers Nation began to rejoice;

He said, "I am back, but you know I can't stay,
I just had to see my Steelers play;

From my home up above, I have a great view,
But I wanted to celebrate here with you;

So bring on the Birds, we'll send them a flyin',
On the way back to Phoenix , they will be cryin';

Ben, Hines, Troy , Jeff and all of the rest,
No matter the outcome, to me you're the best;"

The airwaves went silent, the stadium still,
Was this just a dream, it seemed so real;

In our team we have faith, in our team we have hope,
But the game's not the same without Myron Cope;

Written by: A.K. Young


Moving right along

After finishing all of those projects last month (OMG, it's February already!), I finally had a chance to cast on for a cute short sleeved pattern in Rowan Studio 2 called Martha. Wendy started it. She knit it last year in the Manos Silk Blend and I fell in love with it. Then, Lisa cast on the same project in a gorgeous purple/fuscia color. I had been eyeing this blue yarn and caved. I bought it over the summer and finally cast on this month.

This is my first project working with cables and they are coming out beautifully in this yarn. It's kind of annoying dealing w/the cable needle, and you can kind of tell that one of the cables is messed up. Still, I'm really excited about it.

I finished the back, am 75% done w/ the left front piece and 50% through the right front piece.

My friend at work had a baby back in October. With all of my traveling and unfinished projects, I never had a chance to make her something. I really liked this hat that Mindy made last year in Koigu. So, Friday I stopped off at the Free Library and picked up The Elegant Knitter and cast on for the Soft Baby Hat. Only thing is, I didn't like the way the pattern was supposed to look. Instead, I liked Mindy's inside out version. So, although I knit the hat according to the pattern, I kept all ends on the outside so it could be flipped inside out. I like it much better this way.

This was such a quick knit. I finished it last night. Kind of wish I had a doll that I could try the hat on and see how it looks. It's a great girl pattern. Not so much for a boy. :-)