Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Purchase

Last weekend, I went out in search of an upgrade for my TV. I came home, having purchased a 37" LCD HDTV. Yesterday, I went and picked up and with the help of Lisa, managed to bring it up to my apartment and put it together.

Mind you, I thought it would be easy to just reconnect the cables and turn the TV on, which is what I thought my brother-in-law did when we put his TV together. Guess not. Seems I'm missing something. I think I have to call Comcast and actually get some sort of HD service added to my bill, even though my DVR box is already HD-ready. I swear, why can't electronics be simple?????

The back of the TV has so many color-coded options, but it seems that I don't have the right "color" cables for optimum HD-viewing. Looks like I need the red, green and purple (I think those are the colors) cables and my box never came w/ it and the TV only came w/ the damn plug. Sigh. I'll deal with it later, once I've had breakfast and gone out for a RIDE.

Here are some quick pictures I took last night:

I can't believe how big it is in my unit. Can't wait until I figure it out!


Lisa said...

Geez, still wish you had it in time for the Super Bowl! Thanks for dins last hanging out!

Regina said...

Why didn't you call me to send Rob down? :D