Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oops there goes . . .

. . . another rubber tree plant like the song says?

Nope. Think of that tune and sing: Oops there goes another . . . iPod.

Yep. I think I just ruined my 3rd iPod, not to mention the mp3 player I had before my mini that I left in the seat back on a flight back from Florida. But I digress.

Let's see, the 1st iPod (2nd generation mini) just lost all ability to recharge the battery. No biggie. I upgraded to the 2nd generation nano. Not 3 months later, my nano is in my purse along w/ one of those new sport water bottles from Deer Park or Poland Springs that have the flip top and easily pop open on their own, yet require 2 hands to open when you are out exercising. Anyway, that's what it did. It opened on its own all over my purse, soaking and shorting out my nano. **I refuse to buy those water bottles now and only use Trader Joe's or Wawa bottles b/c they still have the sport tops.**

Again, I digress.

So now I have the 3rd generation. I wear it whenever I exercise, including my butt-ass long bike rides in preparation for my century ride in 2 weeks (yikes!). I usually clip the nano to the front of my camelbak so I can easily change songs if I want. Well, as I sweat, it drips off my chin and onto my iPod (didn't realize this until last week). The computer connection part is covered, but the plug isn't. So, as the sweat evaporates (sorry for the graphics description) the salt has built up around the headset plug making it impossible to get it out. As you can see, pulling it only resulted in ripping the plastic coating, and the wires.

I then tried using pliers to pull the remainder out of the plug, but that only resulted in ripping the headset from the plug entirely!

Here's a closeup of what remains in my iPod.

I am so mad! Not only that, I was supposed to ride 70 miles today. Yeah, that's not going to happen w/o music. I can't do that. I would go batty. My mom was just asking me yesterday how I can handle riding all those miles by myself instead of w/ the team. I told her it was the music that got me through. Yeah, I'm not doing 70 miles today! I'm headed to the Apple Store, hoping they can fix this or that it's still under warranty. Otherwise, I'm stuck buying yet another iPod.

Seriously. What is wrong w/ me and these damn iPods?


Lisa said...

Sucks, sorry I suggested the pliers, oooops.

Robin said...

Yeah, thanks for the suggestion. //sticks out tounge

The manager at the Apple Store said had I not tried it on my own, they may have been able to swap it out under warranty. Now, I have to buy a new/refurbished one. :( Oh well, another one bites the dust.

Mariss said...

Ack. That sucks, Rob. What if you got one of those waterproof cases like they make for when you're on a boat or something? Or a rubberized case that will absorb some of the sweat? Sorry about your ipod. That's a real bummer.

Laura123 said...

go juice. ipodjuice that is:

they can fix that i'm sure.