Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Modeling Aunt Robin's Treats

My sister sent me pictures over the weekend of my nieces modeling the items I sent them recently.

Here's a picture of Leah modeling the cupcake hat/mitten set I made. It looks like she's ready to eat them up!

As for Alex, it looks like she is all set for playing at the playground w/ her striped sweater in her favorite color. :-)

I can't get over how tall she looks in this photo!

I also just finished a cute jumper for Alex, also in a purple. I'll wait to post pictures of it after she's had a chance to try it on.

I have a bunch of other projects on the needles, including a scarf/hat set for a friend, scarf for my dad, and a wool throw. Now that I've indulged my baby/toddler knitting fix, it's time to move onto something for me again.


Mariss said...

The girls are ADORABLE! The little one is so cute eating her cupcake mittens! And the older niece looks so proud of her sweater. Very sweet :)

Lisa said...

So stinkin' CUTE!

I just cannot get over the cupcake set. Do you think a 44 year old wearing cupcakes would be too much?

Anonymous said...

They're both so cute in their new knits!

PS. I know what to make Lisa for her DOB next year!


Robin said...

Lisa - As long as you aren't eating your hands like Leah, I'm sure you could get away w/ wearing your own set of cupcakes. //wink

Thanks, guys!