Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So Friggin' Cute!

I don't care that my sister might see this before she gets it in the mail. It's just too friggin' cute to keep to myself!

It's a hat and mitten set called, Cupcake Set. It's a pattern from Itty Bitty Nursery, by Susan Anderson.

It was really easy, except for figuring out how to do the crocheted cherry and picot edging. I went to Rosie's at lunch and Courtney gave me a mini-tutorial. The edging definitely makes the project. Leah will so darn cute in it!


K said...

That's utterly adorable! BTW, I thought I saw you today in the Penn Center Concourse, but I wasn't sure. Were you at the Rita's around 5:30? I would've said something, but I was so focused on getting my Misto and then getting on the right train that it didn't register until later.


Susan said...

That is tooo cute! She'll love it.

meg said...

Hilarious! Those cupcake mitts are so funny.
PS: I tagged you for the happiness meme on my blog.

Andrea said...

They turned out really cute. I hope I get to see them before you mail them off. I see you picked up crocheting just fine. =)