Monday, September 1, 2008

Perfect end to the summer

I can't believe that it is September and summer is over. Yes, I know we technically have 3 more weeks of summer, but the days are getting short, school starts this week, and the pool is now closed. All signs are pointing to the coming of fall. I usually love fall -- the crisp cool days, the beautiful foliage, and my birthday. :-)

To close out the summer, instead of going to Virginia Beach, I spent the weekend here in Philly. I got in some nice rides (although still short in miles) and spent most of my time soaking up the rays by the pool. Need to get in as much Vitamin D as I can . . .

As you can, just about everyone else in the complex had the same idea. I haven't seen the place this packed since they limited admission to residents only.

Lisa joined me by the pool both yesterday and today, and Andrea joined us today. It was nice to have some folks to hang w/ by the pool and kibitz with.

Here's to another a great summer!

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Lisa said...

I had such a good time this weekend...thank you...thank you and thank you. I actually look like I have a bit of a tan!!