Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chillin' w/ the girls

Although it was a really short trip to DC so I could get my hair cut, I had a great time playing w/ my nieces. I spent most of my time with Alex, but managed to get in some quality time w/ Leah too.

I took Alex to see Harold & the Purple Crayon at Glen Echo Park and then rode the carousel with her. This time, probably b/c I was riding an animal myself (Alex insisted I ride next to her), I didn't get so queasy. All she wanted to do was play house w/ me and all sorts of other things. After I read her a story for her nap, I gave her a hug and kiss to say goodbye and she latched onto me, not wanting me to go. She then told me that she loved me so much and that she wanted me to stay with her and that she didn't want me to go. Such mush! I should go looking for a job in DC just for that!

Leah is just a burst of giggly energy. Every time you look at her she gets a huge smile. The best is to hear her "talk" and giggle. Here's a cute little video of her I took w/ my camera:

Also, they both looked great in their new knitted items:

On another note, the cute shrug I was hoping to finish and wear to services on Tuesday will not be ready in time. I was right on schedule until it became apparent that I cannot read directions! I thought the directions were wrong and did six rows of garter stitch, knowing that I needed that from the picture on the pattern. Yeah, if I had turned the page, I would have seen that the garter stitch was another step after finishing the back and front sections. Duh! Stacy over at Rosie's tried to help me fix it w/o having to rip it out, but I then screwed it up even more and eventually ripped out the entire backside. Sigh.

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