Sunday, August 10, 2008

Stormy Sunday

What a rollercoaster day. First it's nice out. Then it's storming. It stops. The sun peaks out. It rains again. It stops. It pours buckets. The sun peaks thru again. The sky is so dark it looks like it's 8pm, but it's 6pm. Then, I can't see the building across the street it is raining so hard and the lightning and thunder are almost in sync. Then, the sun peaks thru again. Phew!

I had plans w/ Marissa to go try out some bikes in Jersey, but that was foiled when a thunderstorm was moving thru and the weatherman clued me in that it wasn't going to be just a passing storm.

I really need to find a bike. I attempted to do a 45-mile ride yesterday and stopped at 25 miles b/c my knees (outisdes) were bugging me. This is getting to be very frustrating! I am vacillating b/w a traditional road bike and a flat bar road bike. After watching the men's and women's cycling races this weekend, the drop bars make sense. Now, I have to wait until Tuesday before I have time to go back and look at bikes.

Instead of making a very large purchase today, I attempted to organize my belongings. I cleaned out my walk-in closet and put together a couple bags of trash. I went and bought some under-bed storage compartments, hoping that will solve some of my problems. All of a sudden, I seem to have a lot of bags/purses (odd since I'm no fashionista) taking up space, as well as my new found addition -- yarn. I have all of these projects in my head that I want to make so I keep buying yarn for them. Only problem is I work full time. I don't have time to do all of this.

Still, with all that in mind, I managed to finish a shell I had started down the shore and had pretty much finished over a week ago. Ok, I had finished it, only to find that I seamed the shoulders wrong and took out one too many lace repeats. So, tonight I finally took out the seams and added another lace repeat. Here is the finished product:

It's more of a coral color. It's not as orange in person as it is in this picture. Not sure how much I like it b/c the gauge shows any little mistake. Still, it's another finished project.

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