Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Holding Pattern

I feel like everything seems to be on hold at the moment. Well, not as much as it was last week, but it will hopefully all be over soon.

I was first on a holding pattern while I waited to hear about a job in DC. It kind of just fell into my lap and figured I had to give it a shot or I'd always wonder, what if? Plus, moving to DC would have meant I'd be closer to my sister and my 2 gorgeous little nieces. It also would not have hurt to be near my hair dresser too, but I digress. Turns out I didn't get it. I'm perfectly fine w/ that since I do love Philly and I love my job. Sure, it would have been nice to be near the girls, but in Philly I'm a day trip from DC and evening trip to NYC and the rest of my family.

So now, I'm in a holding pattern of sorts while I figure out if I can negotiate language in my lease renewal that will allow me to break a lease if I buy a place. I want to start looking, but my lease is up at the end of October. No way I will close that quickly. Plus, I leave for China on Nov. 2. No way I could deal w/ closing, moving and packing for an international vacation. So that's holding pattern #2.

Finally, my last holding pattern is waiting for my new bike to arrive. I've been having a lot of issues w/ my current bike and finally found a new road bike that should be perfect for my century ride in seven weeks!!!! B/c my old bike sucked so much, I haven't gotten above 35 miles in my training. It's very frustrating!

So, there's my whiny post, which explains why I haven't posted in a while. What's there to post about when you are in a holding pattern?

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Mariss said...

Robin, I know what you mean sometimes about feeling like you're in limbo or a holding pattern. It's too bad about the job, but maybe there are many more great things you're supposed to do here!

Don't get too down about the 35 miles. Remember that your current bike sucks, so really, that's about 78 miles in new bike miles. (Just like dog years).

It will all be okay!