Saturday, August 30, 2008


The problem with making things for yourself is that it takes so much longer than it does to make things for babies or toddlers. While I was making headway on my Apres Surf Hoodie (ravelry link), the Olympics made it hard to concentrate on the shaping decreases and the lace pattern. I think I might have messed things up. So, to pick things up a bit (and the fact that Leah is getting bigger and bigger everyday), I decided to knit up a few things for my nieces (aka, really quick knits).

I have a few friends having babies at the moment, so I made a couple lacy February Baby Sweaters for them. They are pretty quick knits. My sister really like them, so I cast on and made one for Leah in periwinkle, but made it a little longer so she could grow into it. Instead of making booties, I made her a little hat to go w/ the sweater. To top it off, I added these cute little daisy buttons.
Here's a picture of the finished product:

It's not the best picture (I will post a better one later once my sister sends it), but my sister put the outfit on Leah right away and texted me a picture of Leah in it. Here it is:

Not to leave Alex out, I had to make her a sweater too. Now, I recently got these books: Miss Bea's Playtime, Miss Bea's Colors, and Miss Bea's Dressing-Up (I love the sweater on this cover). I swear, these have got to be both the cutest and quickest knits out there for toddlers. Problem is, the patterns only go up to 4 years old and Alex is 3 1/2. I'll have to figure out a way to modify the patterns and make them bigger b/c they are just so darn cute.

Anyway, here's a picture of Alex's sweater:

Can you tell I was in a purple mood? Actually, purple is Alex's favorite color, so it works out great for her. Plus, it will be perfect for running around at school or at daycare. Her sweater is made in royal lilac w/ lime green stripes. I'll also post of picture of Alex wearing this. I first have to send it to them on Tuesday.

Both sweaters were knit in Crystal Palace Bunny Hop, which is an acrylic mix with 8% angora. It's machine washable, which is even better!

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Sheila said...

Hi Robin, came across your site via Knit Knac. The baby sweater set is adorable.