Saturday, August 23, 2008


Progress has been made! I just got back from my first 35+ mile ride for the season (a little behind on my training schedule). Seems I had been maxing out at 35 and just couldn't go any further. Well, after hopping on my new bike this morning, I had no problem making it happen. Ended up riding the Schuylkill River Trail from my place by the Art Museum in Center City all the way out past Valley Forge to the end of the paved portion of the Lower Perkiomen Valley Trail. Although I forgot to buy an odometer for my new bike (duh), I believe I rode somewhere b/w 53 and 55 miles.

And what a gorgeous day for a ride! Clear skies, 80 degrees, no humidity -- absolutely fabulous!

Now, I am going to grab a quick bite and probably crash. Even w/ no humidity, the heat did get to me. I had some nausea from dehydration, but I took care of it. By the end, I was so wiped from the heat, the length of the ride, and the fact that I haven't been sleeping well due to the Olympics, I was tempted to close my eyes on my bike! Can you image? Falling asleep at the . . . handle bars? Too funny!


Lisa said...

Yeah! Bravo on breaking through!

Mariss said...

That's fantastic! I knew you could do it, expecially with your uber-cool new bike!!!