Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bag lady

A few months ago, I went to 4th Street and had my first introduction to Fabric Row. I don't sew, but it's a great place for buttons and other accessories too. I went with Andrea and Lisa with the intent of buying fabric to make drawstring bags. Andrea was kind enough to do the sewing for me (again, I don't sew) and made me two bags soon after our trip. Since then, Miss Andrea has designed several tops, she has become a sewing diva making a bunch of clothes, and then all the other things that come into it. Needless to say, she's been busy!

Fast forward to last night. I show up at Rosie's and there's Andrea with a bagful of bags for me. In addition to the 2 smaller bags she made me in the blue and purple batik, she sewed up 6 little bags and 3 big bags! As much as I love blue and purple bags, I LOVE the hot sauce fabric! It's just great. I think I still have some other fabric left over. Unbelievable. I figured I'd get maybe 1, or 2 bags if I was lucky, out of the piece of fabric I bought. Nope. And the best part? The fabric I bought had to be no more than $20 altogether.

So, after taking a picture of the beautiful bags Andrea made for me, I thought I should also photograph my actual bag obsession -- Piddleloop. I've keep buy these bags b/c I love the fabrics and Jen is awesome. However, they are all over the place. I finally decided to "organize" a bit and threw some nails in my closet to help me maintain some sanity and here is what I came up with.

The sad part is this does not include my wedge bag, several 4x6 pouches, a few larger pouches, a triangular bag, and a lone Piddly that I forget to put a nail in for. Yikes. That makes 6 project pouches, 7 piddlies, 1 wedge, 1 triangle, and a few other miscellaneous flat pouches. They are great for holding onto my hibernating projects, as well as for make up or toiletries when packing.

I think I'm done for now. Now to tackle the yarn exponentially growing yarn stash . . .


piddleloop said...


someone else recently hung theirs on the wall too and they looked really cute!

Mindy said...

My goodness! I see a shopping spree coming on - what are you going to fill all of those bags with?! Oh, the potential!