Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pucker up, baby!

It's done!

This is Pucker from Norah Gaughan's Volume 4. I saw this pattern and just had to make it. How I managed to wait this long (got the pattern back in March/April) I do not know. I love it so much that I may make another one with different yarn (to mix things up a bit).

When I wore it yesterday I got a lot of great compliments. A co-worker kept telling everyone to come check out my new top. Funny, 2 out of 3 of my favorite tops have been Norah Gaughan's designs and both were made with Seduce.

Well, here's one more shot b/c it's just too cute!


piddleloop said...

this is such a flattering knit on you!
you are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You look great. That color is definitely working for ya!


Andrea said...

Wow!!! You look fantastic. Beautiful job girl. You are definitely pumping your knits out these days.

Mariss said...

It looks great on you, the color and style are very flattering. Fantastic job!

Mindy said...

Just lovely! You look fantastic in it, and the color is perfect! PS I miss you!