Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

I had a nice long weekend to spend with friends and family. On Thursday, I drove up to NJ to see the family. Katie was in town w/ the kids so that was an added bonus. I had a great time playing w/ Alex and Leah. Leah and I did laps around the downstairs w/ her holding onto my hands. I think that's why my back is bugging me! Alex was fascinated w/ bones, eyes and the digestive system, thanks to some really cute books (Young Genius) my mom picked up for her. They were really cute. I definitely recommend them.

Friday night we went to the pool for dinner. Both girls wanted in the pool. Leah was hysterical. At the time, she was standing and holding onto the edge. She wanted a ball on the other side of the baby pool, so what does she do? She sits down and starts to crawl over to get it. No big deal, right? Yeah, I think the mouthful of water freaked her out. She did it so quickly, no one had a chance to stop her from doing it.

That night, Alex stayed up late and went w/ us to see the fireworks at Tenafly High School. She did a great job, considering the noise.

Of course, I never remember to get a picture of her w/ me . . .

I came back to Philly for the 4th. It's hard to be away when you've got a huge concert in your backyard. They say that it is the nation's largest free outdoor concert. This year, it was The Roots and Sheryl Crow. I really enjoyed The Roots and Sheryl Crow was good as well. Sherry, Lisa and Sherry's husband joined me in the festivities.

It is still hard for me to view fireworks to anything else other than the War of 1812 Overture. I think it's from my days in DC and watching the fireworks on the Mall. Usually, Philly has some theme and this year it was "Great Orators." I didn't understand it when I read it online, but then in person it was even odder. Basically, the fireworks were set off to great American speeches w/ a little musical interlude b/w speeches. B/c of that, the fireworks were pretty mellow. They did, however, include a lot of my favorite fireworks which I like to call weeping willows.


Lisa said...

Had a super time with you guys!!!

Katie said...

For a cute picture of you and Alex, see my blog.