Saturday, August 1, 2009

Is it over already?

I just got home from a week down the shore on Long Beach Island with my family. It was a great week filled with sun bathing, bike riding, relaxing, playing w/ my nieces and just spending quality time w/ the family.

My youngest niece finally started walking, so she spent much of the week walking as much as she could. On our last day on the beach, she finally got up the nerve to walk on the beach and the 2 of us took a walk across our beach. It was so cute as she pointed at the sea gulls and steered away from the shells.

Speaking of shells, I don't know what was up, but there were a ton of barnacles that washed ashore on shells and anything else they could attach themselves to.

I love this picture of her devouring a watermelon on the beach.

My oldest niece is a full-fledged little girl. I can't get over it. She loves learning about new things and asking you what things mean. She has a book on the human body w/ experiments to boot and loved having us read it. This book came w/ a box of things used to demonstrate certain aspects of the body. There was a stretchy band for a muscle, a filter to demonstrate how the kidneys work, etc. There was that and the geography pop up book that I brought her. With each area we talked about, she asks what storms it has. The girl is obsessed w/ natural disasters.

We lucked out and had great weather all week. When everyone in the Philly and NY metro areas was dealing w/ torrential downpours, flooding, funnel clouds, hail, etc., we had beautiful, sunny days on the beach. Only one day did we come in from the beach due to the clouds, but it didn't rain and passed right by us. It cleared up and we went back out on the beach. Also, only 1 morning did the wind come from somewhere other than the south. It was a west wind which meant that the biting flies would be out. We equipped ourselves with OFF and it seems only my mom and I were attacked. We came back after lunch and the wind had shifted and the flies were gone. I'm telling you, you could not have asked for a better week weather wise.

I had a great time w/ everyone and am sad that it is over.

A great picture of my sister w/ the girls:

Finally, these are just some fun videos of the girls from the week:

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