Monday, January 26, 2009

Lost and Found

The problem for me with cleaning/organizing my apartment is that I get distracted easily. I find something or do something and I get sidetracked and then forget about what I was originally doing. That's why, when I organize my space, it usually looks like a hurricane or tornado went through.

See, I'm a stasher. I like to hold onto things in case I might need them later on, or to just keep the memories alive. I still have training manuals from my days with the PIRGs and the Endangered Species Coalition. I don't plan on organizing again, but what if I need it.

Every time I go home, I find something else that I bring back with me. Actually, I do that for the memories, but also for the survival of the memories since my mom is always intent on purging things and decluttering. We are opposites in that respect. The last time I was home, I brought back my high school yearbook (helpful when folks friend me on facebook and I don't recall the name) and this:

This is an etching I made sophomore year in my graphics class. It was based on a photograph taken earlier that year for photography. Basically, it is me and my best friend at the time hanging out at the cliffs (aka the Palisades). I had forgotten all about this and I just happened to find it framed in my closet in the basement. I swear, every time I go in that closet I find something else I didn't know I had. I'm sure I'll be bringing home my old portfolio the next time. Who knows where that would go!

But I digress. Yesterday, I decided to go thru the drawers of my entertainment unit to make room for my ever-expanding yarn stash (help). While digging thru the drawers I found this back cover for a spiral notebook a used in high school. I'm guessing sophomore or junior year since my boyfriend's name on it.

Can you tell I liked to doodle? Well, that and song lyrics were very important to me. I wrote them everywhere, including the furniture in my room. (another piece of history I need to remember to photograph before my mom throws it out)

I can't believe I saved this. The joy I get from finding these things is the reason why I save stuff. But then the problem is, I got distracted by this and forgot about some of the other things I was doing and my place looks like a hurricane hit again. It never ends.

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Katie said...

Too bad you can't share pictures of the furniture that you wrote song lyrics all over!