Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finished Project #3

Ta da!

Seriously, I feel like I'm on a roll with finishing all these projects. I'm really not, but it sure is nice to finish some stuff!

This cardigan is another pattern from Rowan 44. It's called Colbert and is knit it Rowan's wool/cotton. Can I first just say how much I love the feel of this yarn once it has knitted up! Anyway, I started this over the holidays and pretty much knit the entire body on the beach or by the pool in Florida. It was the perfect, mindless knitting project.

Unfortunately, I ran into a ton of problems w/ the collar. The first problem was that it was so big that it covered my shoulders. My shoulders are about 5-5.5 inches wide and the collar was 6.5 inches wide. Yeah, that wasn't going to work. I then ripped back an inch, but then the collar kept riding up in the back. So, to solve the problem, Wendy helped me tack or sew down the collar from shoulder to shoulder. It works so much better now. Thank you Wendy!!!!! The collar is still a little wider than I'd like in the front, but that's ok

See, you can't even tell that the collar is sewed down. I got some nice compliments on this when I wore it to work yesterday.

Oh and by the way, thanks, Kate, for taking the pictures last night!


jenjerpeach2 said...

that sweater looks amazing and the collar is superb on it!

Mariss said...

The collar looks great, excellent seaming and craftsmanship! Plus it's cute on you as well.

kt said...

That's so super cute! it's adorable on you too.