Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!!!!!

Yes, I am still alive. I've been going non-stop since I got back from China that I really just haven't had the energy to post! I was in NJ, then FL, then DC, then NY, then FL again. I am so excited to stay put for the next 6 weeks. What a luxury. I think I've spent maybe 3 weekends home since Labor Day weekend. Seriously!

I just got back from a great week in Florida with my family. Plus, it was a week with my nieces. The little one, Leah, was sick but still such a happy baby. You just look at her and she smiles. The oldest, Alex, well I still can't get over the stuff that comes out of her mouth. A few weeks ago she informed her parents that she wanted to be a lawyer like me. (how cute!) Then, we were driving home from Sesame Street Live and I mentioned how she should be a songwriter (she's making up songs left and right), and she got all upset and told me she wanted to be a lawyer like me. I then told her that she could be a songwriter on the side as a hobby, kind of like I knit. Alex then got all huffy and said, "but I want to knit like you." She then proceeded to tell me that she'd knit me a hat and a scarf, then asked my favorite color, and told me she'd knit me a blue sweater. So friggin' cute. However, in the intervening weeks, she has come to her senses and wants to be a songwriter on the side. LOL!

Well, we were at dinner the other night and she and her dad were talking about songwriters or something when Alex says, "you know who is the best songwriter ever?" She then asked her dad, "who sings 'How to Say I Love You in a Song?" Her dad said, "Jim Croce sings that." In true Alex fashion she says, all serious, "Jim Croce is the best songwriter ever!" Seriously! She's not even 4 yet. How can you not get a kick out of this kid?

I got a great picture of my mom w/ Leah. I will leave you w/ this for now. Happy New Year!


Lisa said...

That is a precious photo!

Nice to ring in the new year with you! Happy 2009!

Andrea said...

That is a gorgeous photo!!

Happy New Year Girl!! I hope this coming year is a beautiful one for you. You deserve it.