Monday, January 19, 2009

Finished Project #2

Here are pictures of another project I finally finished. I started this at the end of September w/ the goal of finishing it and wearing it for the high holidays. After having knit the back and then ripping it out b/c I made a mistake that I couldn't fix, I put it aside for a while, knowing there was no way I'd finish it. Then, once I finished the pieces, the seaming was a bitch! I had to seam the entire border along the edges and up around the corner. Ugh.

However, I do like the finished product. It's a great little shrug for a lightweight outfit. The pattern is called Bacall and is from Rowan 44. I made it in Berocco Ultra Alpaca Light.

As you can see, I tried it on w/ different summer dresses. Not so sure how it looks on the bright pink dress, but you get the idea of how it should fit.

It should be pinned w/ a brooch of some sort; however, I don't own any. I've always hated pins. Scavenging through my old junk, I found this random pin that doesn't go at all. Just giving you a idea of how it would look pinned. I'll be pin shopping in the future.

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Lisa said...

Very cute shape, but I think all that seaming has killed it for me :)