Sunday, February 5, 2012


We finally arrived in Udaipur around 5:30. We missed the boat ride by a long shot, but we'll do if before we leave in 2 days. Our ride to the hotel was supposed to be about 45 min, but due to a Muslim processional for a holiday, we were rerouted and it took a much longer time to get here. While I'm totally exhausted, the beauty if the hotel is not lost on me. We are in top of a mountain overlooking the town and lakes.  Even in the dark of night our view is spectacular.

We had dinner outside on the patio, overlooking the mountains and lake. After dinner, I took some time to get some great night photos of the infinity pool and the beautiful Hindu statues  around it. Unfortunately, the night pictures from my phone don't do the hotel justice. I'll post day pictures tomorrow. The really good night pictures were taken on my good camera and you'll have to wait to see them after I get home.

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