Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jaipur - Amber Fort

Today we had a full day tour of Jaipur, which was the capital in the 11th century.

We started the day bright and early with an elephant ride up to amber fort. Bill and I shared an elephant and had a blast. Aside from the thrill and novelty of riding an elephant, we had some great views of the fort and the valley below. In addition, we were beseiged with hawkers trying to sell anything from tshirts to turbans to metal peacocks, all while we were bouncing around on the elephants. You had no reprieve from them. It's funny how the price of items view down as you go further up. Two folks got turbans at 500 rupees each. Another 2 struck what they thought was a deal at 300 rupees each. I managed, without any negotiating, to get a turban for 200 rupees ($4).  Now, what am I going to do with a turban????  Eric, I know you are dying for one, right?

Unlearned a ton of history about the fort that I could relayed back to you, but typing this out on the droid is killing me. Plus, I need to get to bed.

For now, I leave you with pictures and will post more about today, tomorrow.

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