Sunday, February 12, 2012


While we only spent the early morning at the Taj, there were still other places to see in Agra. After our brunch, we headed out to Agra Grt which is where the palace was. Shah Jahan was also imprisoned here by his son who overthrew him, to live out the rest of his days gazing out at the Taj Mahal from his perch. As always, there was great architectural detail including arched.doorways that frame the next room, or courtyards, etc.

One room was really neat. There, if you stand in one corner with someone standing into the opposite corner across the room, and literally talk into the corner, you can hear that person perfectly.  It was like the time I was at the imax and Leif and I could talk to each other from opposite ends of the theater.

From there, we went to.see how they make the inlaid stone and marble pieces that are all over the Taj. I had no interest until I spotted an elephant that Das inlaid with lapis lazulli and mother of pearl, among others. It was stunning. Lynn also had her eye on one and we did some really good negotiating.  We are both very excited about our ellies.

I attempted to buy some spices but wasn't so crazy about them. I'll wait for another stop probably delhi. I spent the rest of the day chilling out. We have another early morning tomorrow so I am now off to bed.

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