Sunday, June 13, 2010

Purple obsession?

That's kind of what my friend asked me when she saw pictures of some of my recent projects. For some reason, they've all been purple lately. My sage remedy top (although meant to be in a mint green) was purple. The basil baby blanket for my friend was also made in purple. Then my 2 most recent finished projects (see below) are also in purple. What's up w/ that? Usually, I tend toward blue or a mint green, but I guess I was trying to branch out of my preferred colorway and that's what I ended up with.

Ishbel, by Ysolda Teague, was my first attempt at the triangular shawl. I'm not much of a shawl person (we all know how hot I get), but figured I should give it a try. It's nice to have a wrap of some sorts at the office for when it gets cold in my office. I made Ishbel in Dream in Color Smooshy in Purple Rain. I think it came out really well; however, I think I would have liked it a little bigger. I made the large and finished w/ about 5 yards to spare! I lucked out on that one!

The next project I finished was another Pucker, by Norah Gaughan. I love this top and get so many compliments on it that I had to make another. This time, I made it in Berroco's Seduce in Muscari, which is actually the color I initially wanted to make it in. I like it, but I must say that I think the green one looks much better on me. I made this about an inch longer and b/c of that, I ran out of yarn before I could finish the edging on my last sleeve. Luckily, a woman on ravelry saw my plea and sent me 5 yards so I could finish. Thank you!!!!

I'm now working on the Whisper Cardigan from Interweave Knits Spring 2009, and this time it's back to blue. I'm also working on another Flow in Seduce in what I thought was a pinkish color, but it now looking more lavender. Oh well, I did try to get away from the purple, really I did.

Oh wait! As I was going through and linking some sites, I realized that I never actually posted finished pictures of my sage remedy top! As I posted back in February, I ran out of yarn w/ about 30 rows left to go. The yarn was hand dyed by Carol at Black Bunny Fibers and she didn't have anymore of the yarn, even if should could replicate the color. So, I took it off the needles and immediately cast on again w/ a skein of Brooks Farms' Mas Acero that I purchased at my first MD Sheep and Wool Festival. I love the top! I've gotten lots of compliments on it and shock that I made it. :-)

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Wendy said...

Your friend is very observant - you have a lot of purple going on! Maybe I can entice you with a different color next time your shopping for yarn at Rosie's - I'm a very good enabler, as you know.