Thursday, February 11, 2010

Road Block

Back in December, Black Bunny Fibers (Carol) had an open house at her home. She had lots of beautiful yarns on sale and of course, I indulged. One of my purchases was this beautiful Wenselydale wool in a colorway Carol called Spearmint Ice. I loved it and wouldn't put it down.

The pictures don't really do the color justice.

Earlier this month, I finally cast on this yarn to make Sarah Shepherd's Sage Remedy Top (ravelry link). The pattern has you start on the front first and I finished that in a little over a week. It came out great.

No problem, right? I start knitting the back side, which has the same feather and fan pattern on the back. Real pretty. Last night, I finished the feather and fan pattern and started increasing for the sleeves. I looked at my ball of yarn and panicked. I have a good 30+ rows to go, not including the edging, and I'm out of yarn

I even sent a message to Carol to see if by any chance she had anymore of the base yarn and could dye me up a little more. I knew there was a fat chance that was the case, but I knew I had to at least ask. Nope. She doesn't have anymore of the base.

Some suggestions on Ravelry have been to rip out the edging at the bottom and do another color there instead as well as for the edging. Another suggestion was to rip out the pattern on the front and do it in another color as well. I was hoping that I could just reknit it in a larger gauge and that could solve the problem.

Either way, I'm screwed and have to rip out. I'm bummed b/c I really liked the top and was excited to wear it. Now I have to decide if I want to knit it again, but in a different yarn, or if I want to try some of the modification ideas first. If I feel like trekking to Rosie's today in the snow, I may try it. Otherwise, I'll figure it out over the weekend.

So bummed. :(


Linda said...

What beautiful work you do!

Mariss said...

What a bummer! I'm sorry :(

The color is gorgeous though, perfect color for your complexion.