Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blogging Hiatus

Wow, I can't believe the last time I posted was back in June. Seems so long ago, especially w/ the weather we've been having. The problem with Facebook and Ravelry are that I can post what's going on there, so I forget to also post here. Well, although I haven't been posting on the blog, I have been productive.

In the early summer, I finished these socks, made out of Sundara's sock yarn. LOVE the yarn. The pattern is Nutkin.

Early in the fall, I took a trip to Santa Fe for bankruptcy conference. While there, I needed a mindless knitting project to get me through the sessions. I had a bunch of DIC Smooshy in Good Luck Jade and decided I had to make a Clapotis out of it. Below is the finished project. It really came out great and I get lots of compliments on it.

This year, I was determined to make a matching hat and scarf set for myself. Every year I plan to do it, but end up with a random scarf and a random hat. I bought this Pear Tree 12ply in Grass on clearance at Rosie's. I just loved the color. Wanted to make a bulky scarf and settled on Norah Gaughan's Here and There Scarf pattern. Too bad there wasn't a matching hat pattern for it. I finally found it in Interweave's Weekend Knits collection. The hat is called Bryony and kind of has that same here and there feel to the cables. Let me tell you, with the crazy cold winter we've been having, this scarf has been heaven!

I was also determined to make some sweaters this year. The first I made was the Mondo Cable Pulli out of Manos del Uruguay's Rittenhouse Merino. Gorgeous color and it is so soft to wear next to your skin. Unfortunately, my office is an office so I can't really wear it to work. :(

The next sweater I made was the Effortless Cardigan, by Hannah Fettig. I made her Whisper Cardigan this summer, but don't have a good picture to post yet. This cardigan is made out of Manos' Silk Blend.

Finally, I made a couple hats out of some leftover Pear Tree 12ply for my sister and my oldest niece, who was in need of a new hat from me. For my sister, I made her the Bryony hat to go w/ a Pebble Neck Scarf I made her last year. For my niece, I made the Bridget hat in the same yarn. She looks so cute in the pompoms.

I worked on some other projects this year that I don't have pictures for. Currently, I'm trying to finish up my Noro Log Cabin Blanket. I had planned to make only 20 squares (4x5), but then expanded it to 25 (5x5). I still had colorways I wanted to use, so I upped it to 30 squares (5x6). I thought I was going to finish this weekend and begin the long, arduous process of putting it all together, but I still had a couple more balls and decided to up it to 36 squares (6x6)!!!! I am insane. It looks like I will be putting it on my guest room bed, which means I really do need to get a new comforter - a neutral one that won't take away from the blanket. I may also need to paint the room too. Sigh. More projects, right?

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Wendy said...

There's always another project!

Especially when we still have 10,000 yards of O-Wool to divy up!