Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yet another finished project

I've been pretty productive lately, finishing a baby sweater with booties and my Josephine top. This week I also finished Flow, a really easy A-line pattern from Norah Gaughan. This top also came out great. It's really lightweight and airy, but b/c of that, I have to wear a tank underneath. Still, I love how it came out.

No more posts for a bit. I'm headed off to the Jersey Shore for a week of relaxation. I haven't even thought about what books I should bring. Instead, I've been thinking of the knitting projects I can bring. Man have I become obsessed!

At least the stuff I make is wearable. Just like the Josephine Top, no one knew that I knit this until I told them.


Lisa said...

Flow looked great last night and I love the fabric. Have a great time at the shore!

Anonymous said...

this one is beautiful and flattering on you too! have fun on your trip to the shore!