Sunday, July 27, 2008

Vacation Therapy

I swear, there is nothing better than a relaxing vacation down the shore to reinvigorate you and recenter you. Before I left on vacation, I was so tense that a massage didn't help ease the tension in my neck and shoulders. After a week down the shore (and no other massages), that tension has totally disappeared. There's something about the sweet salt air and the sound of the waves crashing that erases all stress away.

That being said, I had a great time down the shore w/ my family in Love Ladies on Long Beach Island, NJ. The weather was phenomenal. While there was a heat wave brewing just a few miles away, it was actually cool on the beach some days. At the beginning of the week, the ocean water was so cold (55 degrees) that there was a constant fog over the ocean and bits of the beach. It was still sunny, but the fog kept things nice and cool while sitting in the sun. There was only 1 day where it rained in the morning, but it had moved out by mid-morning. All in all, we had a picture perfect week. I managed to ride my bike just about every day, averaging about 18 miles a day.

To top that off, we had a great house that I drove out to find last October. Although it was the 2nd house from the beach, it was practically on the beach.

We are now totally spoiled. Here's my mom and Alex hanging out on the porch and another view from the porch.

Alex was a treat to play with all week. As always, I'm amazed at the things that come out of her mouth. By the end of the week, she knew the names of all the water towers on LBI, her favorite being Harvey Cedars because she liked the name. We watched the sun set while I was grilled on the horizon, where it was, what it was, and why it was there. My favorite was asking if I could sit with her while she watched a movie, and she responded, "I'd love to." So sweet!

Leah, my youngest niece, is just the happiest baby! She just sat there and laughed and and smiled at you all day long.

The other nice thing about a beach vacation is I got to work on several projects. I started the lace pattern on the Apres Surf Hoodie, worked on the Lutea Lace Shell, and just about finished another [February] Baby Sweater for another baby.

Now I'm back to reality with a crazy week. Monday I'm off to DC; Tuesday I'm back to work but have an Inn of Court executive committee meeting after work and then have to rush up to Feasterville to try out some bikes; Wednesday I have an alumni get-together after work with PennPIRG /PennEnvironment (haven't seen these folks in ages); Thursday I have my trainer; Friday I have a friend coming into town and dinner plans with friends (oops! I double booked that); and then Saturday, I'm back off to Baltimore and DC for a camp reunion, a desperately needed cut/color, and more time w/ my nieces. Sheesh! I'm tired just thinking of it. Oh, and to top that off, my good friend Alisa is moving to Toronto this week so who knows when I'll get to see her before she leaves. :(

Where's that therapeutic salt air and crashing waves? I need them back, just thinking about all I have to do this week!

Ahhhhh, there they are . . .

For now, I leave you w/ the setting sun over Barnegat Bay.

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