Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Ok, so a few weeks ago I posted about how disappointed I was with one of the tops I made. After I posted that, my friends advised me that I had to rip it out or I'd be miserable. I ripped out the neck, sleeves and front and started over. I am so happy I listened to their advice b/c . . .

I love this top!

It fits perfectly. I am sooooooo happy!


Mariss said...

And it looks great on you! See what happens when you listen to us? Just kidding.

The way I see it, if you spend 5-10 hours fixing something, you'll have years of happy wearing time! Otherwise, every time you wear that, you'll be pissed and annoyed.

Lisa said...

Josephine looked gorgeous tonight. You did a super job, even without the short rows :)

Anonymous said...


It looks great. You are the master of your knitting! I hope I can get to see you guys in the real world soon.


kt said...

I am so impressed!!!! It looks awesome. I know what I want for Hannuka now :-)