Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm doing a triathlon!!!!!

I had been planning this all along, but Thursday I finally got off my butt and officially signed up to do the Nation's Triathlon with Team in Training!

I've been interested in doing a triathlon for some time since I enjoy swimming and it doesn't take as much toll on your body as training for a marathon - especially if you are walking one!

Thursday night I got back in the pool after a few months hiatus and went out a little too hard. I don't think I've ever had to stop swimming b/c my arms hurt so bad. This time I did! To top it off, I was meeting my trainer right after for an hour of strength training. Yeah, I was in serious pain the next day.

Yesterday was our first group practice w/ the team and it was in the pool. I was really nervous about it. I didn't want to be the heaviest one there (I wasn't) or the slowest (I wasn't). We focused on drills instead of straight swimming. Up until yesterday, I've had a hard time swimming crawl. It's mostly b/c I've fallen into bad habits over the years and have been performing the stroke inefficiently. By doing so, I could barely last 1 lap, maybe 2, doing crawl. I've always been a strong breaststroke person so I would alternate. Well, after doing the drills yesterday, I managed to do 2x100 (that's 8 laps) in a row of crawl w/o having to take a major break in between! I was so excited!

It's funny to look at our schedule b/c they have you doing what seems to me to be so little each day. For example, today I was supposed to bike for 45 minutes. I'm normally out for over an hour. Running is scheduled for 25-30 minutes. I usually don't walk for less than 45 minutes, but more like 1+ hour. So, I'll stick to the schedule, but do more of the baselines I'm used to.

Of course, now comes the hard part -- the fundraising. I do these races in memory of my uncle who died of hodgkins before I was born. It's amazing how many lives are affected by blood cancer. If you are reading this blog, please take a moment to help me meet my goal of $3,300.


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