Sunday, May 24, 2009

Martha #2

If you recall, I made this beautiful sweater back in February w/ the Manos Silk Blend in a gorgeous blue. I wore it to my niece's first birthday party and my sister fell in love w/ it. I enjoyed knitting the project and it did knit up fairly quick, so I decided I would make it for her for her birthday. I used the Silk Blend again, but this time, used a pewter/grey color that Katie picked out.

I didn't finish it in time for her birthday, but I was only a week late. I gave it to her this weekend and she loved it! It fit perfectly! Here's a picture of her modeling the finished product (in 80+ degree heat I might add):


piddleloop said...

it looks so lovely on your sister!

Andrea said...

You did a beautiful job, and your sister looks great in it.