Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mother's out there. I spent today w/ my family, celebrating with the 2 mom's in my life: my mother and my sister. We all met up in DC yesterday for some nice family time. I had flown in from Chicago (more on that later), bringing with me a hand-knit present for my mom.

A while back, Rosie's got in Louisa Harding's Cinnabar yarn. This is the same yarn used for the Daphne purse on the front cover of Knitting Little Luxuries. I had the book, but never really thought of making the purse. Well, as soon as Rosie's got it in, I decided I had to make it for my mom for mother's day!

Let me tell you, the finished product looks great! I am still shocked that it came out so well, especially w/ the issues I had knitting it up. The yarn had no give whatsoever and hurt my fingers to work with. Then, there was the embroidery the pattern called for on the outside. Well, I may know how to knit, but I suck at embroidery. I could not, for the life of me, get those darn lazy daisies to look right w/ ribbon. I gave up and improvised instead. I went down to AC Moore and bought some fuzzy boucle yarn that looked like flower petals w/ just a loop stitch. B/c the yarn was variegated, I had several colors. It actually came out pretty well.

The final issue was the lining. I don't sew. In fact, a friend tried to show me how to use her machine once and she immediately took me off it, offering to finish my project herself! So, with that history in mind, I enlisted Lisa's help. However, when I got there with fabric and interface in hand, I didn't do such a good job picking out the fabric lining. Lisa dropped it to the floor, turned around to her fabric stash, and pulled out the perfect fabric for the lining. It could not have matched better! Thank you Lisa!!!!!!!

I couldn't wait and had to give the purse to my mom last night (especially since she was wearing the perfect matching sweater). She loved it! I was so happy! Here's my mom modeling the purse last night:

Finally, after a beautiful day today in DC, we managed to get in a nice family picture.

Happy Mother's Day!


Mariss said...

You did such an amazing job, Robin! I'm really impressed :) Your mom and family are adorable too.

It also looks like you had a fun trip to Chicago. How cool that you got tickets to the show, and got to meet Jen. I finally listened to an episode and loved it.

Andrea said...

You did a beautiful job on that bag. I love it!!

Robin said...

Thanks! We went to the theater Thursday night and that's the purse she carried! I'm glad she liked it so much.