Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wait, Wait . . . don't tell me!

One of my favorite shows to listen to on my iPod is Wait, Wait . . . don't tell me!, from Chicago public radio. It's a weekly quiz show that takes questions from the past week's news. If you've never listened to it, I highly recommend it!

Well, I was in Chicago last week for a training, and they happened to be taping one of their live shows at the Chase Audutorium while I was there. I had to get tickets! I invited Jen, who makes all those great Piddleloop bags I carry my knitting projects in, to join me. Here's a picture of Jen and me after the show.

I must say, the live taping is way better than the radio show itself. You get to see/hear all the bloopers as well as all the pre- and post-hashing. Here's a link to the show if you've never heard it before.

This week's panelists included Paula Poundstone, Paul Provenza (comedian), and Amy Dickinson (Ask Amy column). Calling in for the segment, Not My Job, was Supreme Court reporter, Dahlia Lithwick. Here are folks getting ready for the show to start:

Here's a clip from the opening segment of last week's show with Carl Kasell (NPR's Morning Edition) and Peter Sagal:

Here's another clip, this time with Carl reading an "email from his inbox" that the caller had to guess who it was:

Afterwards, folks went up and got autographs and pictures. I'm not much of an autograph person, but here are pictures of Jen and me with Carl Kasell and then Peter Sagal.

No, Peter and Jen are not that short. I'm standing on a riser trying not to look like a munchkin next to these guys (see above)!

It was a ton of fun, and of course, great to finally meet Jen in person! Thanks for joining me Jen and for the yummy dinner on the North Side afterwards! I'm still trying to catch up on sleep after that night!


Anonymous said...

OMG this was so fun..i am SO GLAD yo invited me. I had a blast. It was also the most fun meeting you.

I am taking back my blog this week and i may steal your lcture of us two to put on it and give you credit if that's ok with you. Have to get permission first.

Lisa said...

I was thinking of you as I listened yesterday. So jealous that you got to meet Carl and Peter...le sigh.

Robin said...

So much fun! I think the best part of the show, where Paul Provenza totally lost it, was edited out. Too bad. That was hysterical!