Friday, June 5, 2009

Tri Training - Week 1

So far, so good. I switched the training schedule around a bit to accommodate my schedule. For example, Mondays aren't a good off day for me since I have my trainer that day. Instead, I'm making Weds. my off day. That way, I can meet up with my knitting friends and dinner.

I have been pretty much on schedule except for last night, when I didn't do anything. Should have, but I didn't get home until after 7 from work and was wiped out. Today, I was off so I spent 25 minutes in the pool and then 45 minutes on the track at the gym. Aside from my shin splints at the beginning, I felt pretty good. I wasn't wiped out from my drills in the pool which was a good thing.

I think the hardest thing for me will be the transition b/w the swim and the bike. I don't dry off/cool down so well. That means that it will be real hard to get my bike clothes on quickly after the swim. I'm sure they'll give us pointers this summer.

Group practice is in the pool again tomorrow, but I'm going to have to miss it. Instead, I'll be up early for the Independence Dragonboat Regatta. Our first heat is at 9AM and includes NBC10. So, watch for us on the news later in the day. Both EPA boats will be in the heat and you can't miss us in our GREEN shirts. I plan to ride my bike up so I can get in a little bike time during the off hours (most of the day).


piddleloop said...

you are making me feel really tired just reading all that

good lord woman YOU GO GO GO!! :D

Anonymous said...

Very proud of you! Keep it going.