Sunday, June 7, 2009

Photo "Contest" - I need your help!!!!

WARNING: This post is very image intensive.

As some of you may know, I really enjoy taking pictures, especially scenery shots. I come back from vacations and here complaints from my family about how there usually aren't any people in the pictures. I have been trying to improve on that.

I've always talked about printing out my pictures (the good ones, of course) and framing them. Trouble is, there really isn't any room and I really have a hard time selecting which photos are the best.

That's where you come in.

At work, they are having a photography "contest." Each person can submit only 1 photograph to be blown up and framed in the office and replace the really old 1980s national park shots. I think they are limiting it to 30 photo "winners." If there are more than 30 folks entering a photo, then they will judge which is best. They are searching for nature shots, mainly from the US, I think, but it's not a deal breaker from what I understand.

I need your help. Please look at the gazillion photos below (I made them small, so click on them to see the larger version) and leave a comment with your top 3 picks. I am numbering them to make it easier.

Thank you so much for your help!

1. barnacles in palm beach, fl (4/09)

2. barnacles in palm beach, fl (4/09)

3. barnacles in palm beach, fl (4/09)
4. cherry blossoms, philly (4/09)

5. cherry blossoms, philly (4/09)
6. philly (4/09)

7. long beach island, nj (8/08)
8. iguazu falls, brazil (1/08)

9. Peninsula Valdes, Argentina (1/08)
10. ushuaia, argentina (12/07)

11. isla magdalena, chile (12/07)

12. osorno volcano, chile (12/07)

13. santiago, chile (12/07)

14. telluride, colorado (6/07)

15. telluride, co (6/07)

16. telluride, co (6/07)

17. mesa verde, co (6/07)
18. mesa verde, co (6/07)

19. sw colorado (6/07)
20. million dollar highway, colorado (6/07)

21. buchart gardens in victoria, b.c. (5/06)

22. buchart gardens in victoria, b.c. (5/06)

23. san diego, ca (6/05)

24. soroa botanical gardens, cuba (3/04)

25. college fjord, ak (7/04)

26. glacier bay national park, ak (7/04)

27. gulf of alaska (7/04)

28. sausalito, ca (7/03)

29. sausalito, ca (7/03)

30. philly (5/03)

Again, these are just a few photos that I've picked out, but I do have a ton more. I know there are a lot of pictures to view, but I really do appreciate your help on this! Please leave a comment with your top 3 pics! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

ok here are my picks and why (cause i was a photo major and i will say why, but won't critique them)

top pick is number 10
At first i thought hmmm mountains oh nice ok, then i remembered you wanted these printed large and in large format this really works niiice. There is good focus and good composition and good color range. Your mid tones and low lights are all good and i think it is visually appealing all around. The bigger this print is the better it will look.

second choice is number 3
this shot is appealing to me because it is unexpected. It is how YOU were looking at something and it's not your typical snapshotty looking kind of picture. The wide open aperature makes for a nice shot. The color is also visually interesting to me and i think the composition is fairly nice for a large format print.

third choice is a tie between 24 and 6
i like 24 bettter simply cause it will look better large format, due to the wide open aperature used when you shot it. It makes the nice Bokeh effect too. But the shape of the single flower is appealing enough to me with the nice background that it works.
Number 6 i like cause i love magnolias and i like that shot best because your depth of field is better. It will work best for large print format and the color is so visually striking.

Mariss said...

Great photos and how cool that you've been to all those places, Robin.

My top picks are:
14. Colorado. That sunset is amazing.
10. Argentina. Love the scenery and penguins.
26. Pretty shot, that's it.

I picked ones that make me feel like I've taken a 2 minute vacation just by looking at them. Good luck!

Regina said...

6, 11, 22. it was tough though, very tough. you do an amazing job with your photography.