Sunday, January 13, 2008

Reacclimating . . .

I really didn't think jet lag would affect me since I slept the entire flight home. Well, I was wrong. I have been exhausted. I crashed the past few nights around 10:30 and that was after forcing myself to stay up. I got a good 10 hours of sleep last night. Now I'm doing 50 million loads of laundry. I went and added pictures to my previous posts, so go back and look at some of them. I'll add a link from the blog to final batch of photos when I actually get thru them.

These posts are going to get very boring now that I'm not traveling anymore. Instead, you'll be stuck w/ my exercise and knitting updates. What fun! Not.

It is nice to get back into a routine. The weather is nice this weekend so I hopped on my bike yesterday and went for a ride around Kelly and West River Drives. Today, I met my friend A and had a nice 4-mile walk along Kelly Drive. Of course they are calling for snow tomorrow so that means back to the gym for me. I see my trainer tomorrow night and it won't be pretty since I've been a slug the past few weeks. But hey, I was on vacation, right?

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