Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back in Philly

Well, I'm back in grey and dreary Philadelphia. Then again, Florida wasn't much better. I had sun and warmth on Saturday, but then clouds, winds, and rain showed up on Sunday and stayed until I was getting ready to leave today. Figures, huh? I did manage to get in some great walks while I was down there and had time to decide that I am definitely going to do the Philadelphia Triathlon in June w/ Team in Training. It will be a new challenge to focus on this winter/spring!

I was also very productive as far as knitting goes. Probably b/c there wasn't much to do except watch movies or football. I not only finished my brother's scarf, but I also finished my first pair of socks. I'll post pictures of the socks tomorrow and then scarf next week after I've given it to my brother. Now I'm working on my mom's wrap that I started back in November. It's lace, the same pattern I did for my "first" project, so it requires focus and I'm much more into the mindless knitting at the moment. We'll see how far I get before another project catches my eye.

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