Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 7 - Hermanus

Well, this morning I had to say goodbye to Cape Town. I really enjoyed the city and am so glad I had a chance to arrive 2 days earlier. I wish I had arrived even earlier, but such is life. 

Our drive this morning took us along the east side of False Bay, opposite from the peninsula where we had driven yesterday. We had more beautiful views driving along the winding cliff side road. I was very happy that we stopped for a few photo opps. 

Our main stop today was the Creation Winery, about 30 minutes outside of Hermanus, our next stop. The valley was beautiful, as was the winery. The vines were all barren except for a few buds since last week was the first day of spring down here. I'm not a so e drinker, so I knew going into this that it wasn't for me. However, to be a sport I did try all the wines.  As expected, I did not like any of them, and some much more than others. My friends, who are wine drinkers, did enjoy the wines so it is a good winery. Please don't base it on me!!!! They did a wine pairing of 9 wines with canap├ęs, some of which I enjoyed. Lunch was springbok, which is a type of venison in South Africa. It was pretty good. 

On our way to the hotel we stopped at a lookout point over Hermanus and were treated with the site of 3 southern right whales hanging out in the bay. My pictures weren't great because we were so far away, but tomorrow I'm hoping to get a little more up close and personal. More about that tomorrow. 

Hermanus is known as the place to see whales. They even have a whale crier in town who blows some horn when the whales are around. They had their annual whale festival last weekend, which I'm bummed to have missed. 

Our hotel is outside of town (bummer) on a golf and spa resort. It's great if you are into golf but not so much other things. Didn't really do much tonight because there really wasn't anything to do. Had planned to do dinner on my own but one of my fellow travelers joined me and we had a really nice evening chatting. 

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. Some people are going swimming with the Sharma, but not me. I'll leave that for tomorrow's post. 

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