Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 1 - En Route to Cape Town

I'm off on another adventure, this time it's South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.  This blog has been on hiatus since my last trip and even then I don't think I finished all my entries for India. I think I just got so tired from all the traveling that I had no time to finish updating things. Oops!  Hopefully that won't be the case on this trip. I'm really excited to go on safari and see all these amazing animals in person and in the wild. I'm all decked out with my Canon 50D and brought an 18-135mm lens and a 70-300mm lens. I also picked up a new point and shoot (samsung) that has an 18x zoom and wifi so i can immediately transfer pics to my iphone and then upload them here or to facebook. Much better than relying on posting iphone photos on my trip. In addition, i borrowed a very powerful (and small/lightweight) pair of binoculars. So I think I'm all set to capture the animals. 

However, our first stop will be Cape Town, followed by Hermanus where there's excellent whale watching.  I'm headed out 2 days before the rest of the group and plan to do some sightseeing before they all arrive.  Most importantly, I want to go take the tour of robben island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned since we won't have a chance to do it on our tour. In addition, I might take the cable car up to the top of table mountain, because the weather forecast is not looking so good for the day the group is scheduled to go. If there weather is bad, they stop running the cable car and I definitely do not want to miss out!

I took off today for South Africa. Very excited. The flight was pretty easy but my sleeping pill did not so its job and I was up after only 5 hours of a very fitful sleep. Very frustrating. 

The guy next to me on the plane is on his way to Malawi for 1 month to work with a community to make bucket flush toilets and other things. Sounded really interesting and something I'd like to do someday (do a volunteer project abroad) when I have the time and money. 

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