Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 2 - Cape Town & Table Mountain

It was a long 24 hours of traveling and very little sleep, but i eventually arrived here in Cape Town Round 3pm

I can't get over how spectacular Cape Town is. It is situated on the water with these gorgeous rock formations that remind me of the southwest.  The view from my hotel is of table mountain. 

When I arrived, the weather was perfect - clear skies. I had been told that the weather on table mountain can be very unpredictable and the weather on Friday is not looking so good, so I immediately hopped in a cab and went up there to walk around and watch the sun set. Also, even if we got to go up on the mountain on Friday, I wouldn't have had as much time to walk around and take pictures like I'd want to. This gave me the perfect opportunity to explore at my own leisure. 

To get up to table mountain, which is 3,558 feet above sea level, take a cable car that has a 360 degree rotating floor so you get a panoramic view on the way up, no matter where you are on the car. Kind of wild once it starts moving!  

Once I got up to the top I was spellbound by the scenery. I had a clear view down the Cape Peninsula to Cape Point which most believe is the southernmost point in Africa.  However, this is not where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. That is about 300km east of here. 

Table Mountain is quite large. I walked the Agama Loop which was a path all along the edge of the mountain. Unbelievable views, some of which I've posted here. The time of day was perfect because the sun was setting and therefore the light was great. I was not the only person up there for sunset. There were a good 50 folks that remained up there with me, some of which had picnic baskets with wine and cheese to watch the sunset. Of course, I was exhausted at this point and was running on fumes, but I was determined to stay up there. When I got back to the hotel I finally showered and then slept the sleep of the dead!

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