Thursday, October 23, 2008

My first swap

I had seen all these folks on ravelry participating in these different swaps and finally decided to jump on the bandwagon. I must say, I didn't expect shopping for my swap partner to be so hard. Then again, I should have realized it since I didn't really know her. However, w/ some help from my friends at Rosie's, I found her a beautiful skein of Schaeffer's Heather in the 2 colors that my partner loved. I picked that yarn b/c it was great for socks and she had mentioned that she was obsessed w/ knitting socks. It was an expensive yarn which put me over the budget for the swap, but I thought it was important to get her something that she'd like as opposed to something cheap that didn't fit what she wanted. So, I also printed her out a nice sock pattern and threw in a few other goodies. I think she liked it, especially the fact that the colors were dead on.

Today, I came home to find my package. Now this is why I did the swap. There's the fear that your swapmate won't come through, but my definitely did.

It all came in this cute sheep bag that I can use for storing sweater projects.

In that bag were four skeins of this beautiful Peruvian yarn called Mirasol Sulka - 2 green and 2 blue. Beautiful. They are so soft too -- a combo of merino wool, silk and alpaca. Now I have to figure out what I'm going to make with it

Also in the package were gobstoppers (my candy obsession), a little Della Q bag that I can use for the scarf I'm knitting right now, a chart marker, and a thing of coconut lime verbana body butter from Bath & Body Works!

It really was a great swap. My fear has subsided and now I'll probably enter another one in the future having gotten my feet wet w/ this one.


Lisa said...

Fabu package!! Boy would that make your day. And so nice that it arrived before your trip.

Karla said...

Cool stuff!

I've gotten a bad swap or two, but the cool ones outweigh the stinkers. I'm in a few right now, they're kind of irresistible.