Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday Dad! Happy Anniversary Katie & Andrew!

Yup, October 13 is a big day in my family. Not only do I share my birthday w/ my Dad, but my sister got married on my 30th birthday! What a way to ring in a new decade! My niece just sang happy birthday to me over the phone -- so cute!

I've had a great weekend of "celebrating" so far. Friday night I had dinner with friends in South Philly. Saturday, I met my folks and my brother in NYC for dinner and to see South Pacific. Senator Kerry and his wife, Theresa Heinz, were there and we got a kick out of the fact that we had better seats than they did. ;-)

Sunday, I met up with the girls in Rittenhouse Square for some knitting and chilling outside in the gorgeous fall weather. Afterwards, I tagged along w/ Lisa and her friend for dinner and a movie. We saw the Duchess. Let's just say I am sooooo happy that I am alive now and not back then. I could not imagine being trapped in such an awful marriage and life.

Today, I'm planning to see my trainer, run errands to get ready for my trip, and then meet up w/ friends at El Vez for dinner.

A nice, jam-packed way to celebrate a new year! Happy Birthday!


Lisa said...

Happy birthday, girlfriend!!! See you tonight!

kt said...

Just to clarify... I didn't want to get married on your birthday but you insisted!!!!!! You had one hell of a party that year :-)

Mindy said...

Happy belated birthday, Robin! And wait a minute. Where are you off to this time?