Friday, May 16, 2008

Go Big or Don't Bother

Yeah, that seems to be the way I do things -- I don't start out small, I go big. Case in point:

  • I don't just walk a 5k or even a 10k when all I've done is walked 4 miles. Instead, I go and do a full blown 26.2 mile marathon in Ireland.
  • I don't just do one event in a year, I decide to do a Love the Half challenge and do 7 half marathons in 1 year.
  • Instead of trying a sprint triathlon, I signed up for an Olympic Distance Triathlon as my first attempt at the multi-disciplined race. Crazy, I know. Of course, that didn't work out due to a nasty case of the flu.
And now, to satisfy my renewed interest in cycling (and boredom w/ walking), I took drastic measures last night. I signed up to do a Century Ride. What is a Century Ride, you might ask, well it is . . . . drumroll please . . . . a 100-mile bike ride . . . . in 1 day! I had thought about doing the Nation's Triathlon, but this race sounded way more fun.

Which race will I be doing? I will be doing the Sea Gull Century in Salisbury, MD on October 4. Unlike a marathon, where I was out for close to 8 hours, constantly walking and only stopping for the port-o-potty, a Century Ride actually incorporates rest stops . . . . and lunch! Talk about a relaxed ride. The best part is the lunch stop happens to be on Assateauge Island, which is part of the National Park Service and just south of Ocean City, MD. Assateague is beautiful and is also known for the wild horses that live there.

Of course, since I'll be doing the race with Team in Training, I will also be fundraising. Once I get my fundraising page set up, I'll put a link up on the side here. If you are wondering why I keep doing these races with TNT, click here.

Even w/ the cycling training this summer, I still plan to do the Viriginia Beach Rock n' Roll Half Marathon Labor Day Weekend. In addition, one of my former walk team buddies is doing a sprint triathlon in July and I think has talked me into it. Why not. It's only 2 laps on Kelly Drive, a 3-mile run (or in my case, walk), and a 750 meter swim. Totally doable, right?

Would this be considered dreams of grandeur and would that be a problem?

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Mindy said...

Not to mention your travels, which leave you living out of suitcases in your own home. Your ambitious to say the least. Just reading about your activities makes me tired!