Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

This has been a great, relaxing weekend. My pool opened up, so I made it a point to relax there for a bit on Saturday and Sunday. I had a nice, long ride yesterday on my bike. I managed to go dress (and shoe) shopping for my cousin's wedding and it went quite smoothly, which is odd for me. Not only that, but I got some great deals on one dress and the 2 pairs of shoes.

Today, after a personal training session at the gym, I met up with my friends from knitting circle for an afternoon in Rittenhouse Square. The weather was perfect and the company was also great. I also managed to finish the back on my Josephine top. It is looking really good. Hopefully, I can crank through the front and finish it. Here's how it looks so far:

I also finally finished the Lillith shell I had started (and mostly finished except for seaming and edging) last summer. I made this in bamboo and really like the drape. I also love the color, which really brings out my eyes.

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Lisa said...

Josephine is looking really lovely, I particularly like the sheen on the yarn. You were so much more productive in the square than I was....too much yapping, too little concentration and a lot of unknitting going on :)