Monday, March 24, 2008

And now for something completely different

Since I last blogged, I have been making progress on lots of projects. After I made the baby bunting for Leah, I couldn't help myself and had to make something else for her. I ended up making the Koko Kimono from Minnies and a pair of matching booties. My sister loved it so much, she put Leah in it right away for her first walk.

Here's a closer picture of them.

I also finished (finally) the lace stole I was making for my mom for Hanukkah. I know I'm late, but I know she won't mind when I bring it next week.

My sister is already asking for me to make her one now. I think she's going to have to get a new project b/c I am sick of that pattern! I think two of them is enough!

I also started working a cute summer sweater for Alex. It will have a ruffled bottom and ruffled cuffs. It's a quick knit so I may even finish it before her birthday party next week.

Finally, I have started working a large throw made out of Manos del Uruguay. The colors should go pretty well w/ the colors in my living room. I don't have a picture now, but I'll post one as I make more progress. I have a bunch of tanks and shells to make, but I am waiting to do so until I take a class in mid-April on fitting your projects to fit your unique body type. Since I am the epitome of a pear shape, the shoulders always come out too big. I'm hoping this class will help me fit my tiny top w/ my rounder bottom.

Hope you've enjoyed show and tell for the day.


Lisa said...

Wow, have you been a busy gal! The baby knits are sooooo cute. I think knitting such cute things could be addictive.

Why not try a kimono shawl for your sister?

Wendy said...

That shawl is definitely better late than never.

Happy to help you out with the Olive Manos. I'm 14 blocks away from completion - good luck with yours.