Friday, February 1, 2008

Back in the groove

Well, I just finished my first full 5-day work week since I've been back and let's just say that I'm wiped! Forget the fact that it is drearier than hell out there today w/ the cold and the rain. YUCK! I've been working hard all week and out just about every night for one thing or another. I had a great time in NYC last weekend with Eric and then w/ Lynn and Debby from the cruise. I am now headed back to NYC again tomorrow to celebrate Lynn's 40th and catch up w/ more folks from the trip.

A day or so after my last post, I finished that hat. At first I hated it, but now I really like it. Much more stylish than the watch cap w/ the pom pom. What do you think? My favorite part is the button. I really disliked the hat until I add that button.

On another note, although I will miss the kickoff and the first 3 group practices, I actually signed up to race in the Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon on Sunday June 22. I will be participating in the Olympic Distance event which is a .9 mile swim (think ~70 lengths of the pool), a 25 mile bike ride (RT from my apartment to NW Ave. near Valley Green), and a 10K (6.2 miles). I can already do each one of them separately, not necessarily fast, so I will now need to work on building my endurance to do all 3 at once. Seriously, if I can walk a marathon, I can do just about anything. Ok, maybe not anything.

For now, have a great weekend!

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Lisa said...

You go girl! Nothing like jumping in and doing the Olympic distance. My sister did her first last year, and is going to do it again this year. I'll look for you at the finish line! Too bad it will be too warm to wear your cute new hat.