Thursday, December 20, 2007

Woo Hoo!!!!!

I am almost out of here and I can't wait! I believe I have now packed up everything and could still fit a little in my suitcase. I'm sure I will forget something. I'm planning to bring an extra NetJets bag to transport purchases on the way home. From all the excitement, I'm actually wiped out and could use a nap right now. That's a good sign that I'll sleep on the plane, right? So far I have a middle seat down to Miami, but a window to Santiago. I'm headed to the airport early to hopefully get a better seat. Cross your fingers.

Well, for now, hasta luego! La vez próxima de Chile! (next time from Chile)


kt said...

We're dying to hear how the trip has been so far. Write soon.....

mom said...

Hi Robin, Your blog is making me sign alot of boxes to get to you. But Katie said I will get through easily the next time. Hope to hear from you today - sunday. Love you. Mom