Sunday, December 30, 2007

Round the Horn

Service was bad yesterday so I didn't even bother to post. I woke early yesterday morning to a sight that most will never see in their lifetime. It is the most notorious point of maritime interest - Cape Horn. Cape Horn is where the Atlantic and the Pacific meet in what is called Drake's Passage. Even those who venture down here aren't lucky enough to view the horn. Rough seas, fog, rain, etc. usually keeps folks from venturing near the horn. We were lucky. The seas were surprisingly calm and the skies were clear. The captain maneuvered us within 2 nautical miles of the horn. I have some great pictures of it.

It's just a rock island, but it is the last point in the Americas. Very cool. One woman on the trip said she saw where the Atlantic meets the Pacific, but since it was so calm, I never saw the point.

Yesterday was a day at sea and thus a day of relaxation. I read a book, I slept in, I watched a movie, etc. Today was another day at sea and I decided to splurge and have a massage. Boy was that nice. The weather has been spectacular on the way to the Falklands. Calm seas and clear blue skies. Usually this can be the most treacherous waters on the trip and some ships have to change course and skip the Falklands. Not us. The birds have been circling the ship all day. The Atlantic is a gorgeous blue hue. Tomorrow is the Falklands. My massage therapist told me the best place to go and get English fish and chips in port tomorrow after my penguin tour.

Dinner is in an hour so I better go meet folks for cocktails.

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